суббота, 26 ноября 2011 г.

GriddlerCraft Free game for Windows Phone 7 released

GriddlerCraft is a new free logical game for Windows Phone 7 platform.  During the game you have to solve captivating puzzles from Japan - griddlers.

The game will be interesting both for those who knows how to solve griddlers and for those who don't know how to solve them. Right after the start the program will  offer you to take the study tour. It will teach you all the secrets of solving griddlers step by step.

In the story of the game you are a restorer and your goal is to restore ancient Japanese paintings of Edo period damaged by time. Some parts of the old images have been erased and the only possibility to restore them is to solve griddler puzzle. The player can fully restore the painting solving from one to four levels with griddlers.

As you can see at the screenshot, the griddler  must be solved using numbers at the right and at the top of field as clues.  Player can mark the cell containing part of the picture and definitely empty cells.

We made griddler game for mobile phone not only fun but very comfortable to play. For example we divided the game field into 5x5 squares of different background color, used number-clues are highlighted in other color. When player is scrolling a field from top to bottom or from left to right the game shows the number of hidden cells .

Please support us by purchasing the paid full version of GriddlerCraft, if you like the game. Full version contains additional episodes and levels and does not contain ads.

There are some screenshots:

And the video on yourtube: